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An Exercise of Trust: Holistic Wealth Management


Get the guide on the 4 essential components to building trust with your client.

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The status quo is not an option

The Future of Wealth

The next generation of investors demands a new client experience. Learn how the future of wealth is changing and how you can keep up.



What is holistic wealth management?

Holistic wealth management goes beyond growing one's wealth through vehicles like investing — it also includes protecting, enjoying, and distributing one's wealth based on your client's values and goals.

To successfully pull it off, the approach to financial planning must encompass every aspect of a individual or family's financial picture. It's a pre-emptive approach to financial advice that keeps both short and long-term goals as well as upcoming life events at the center of the process. 

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What do I need to help foster client trust?

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A holistic financial outlook & trust: Two side of the same coin

When it comes to wealth, an advisor will need to help their client navigate planning their finances around multiple goals, whether it's growing their family, paying for a wedding, starting a business, or travelling the world. How will they grow their wealth? And, equally as important, how will they protect the wealth they've accrued (through insurance, for example) and eventually use their wealth strategically?

Needless to say, these important, personal conversations require a foundation of understanding and trust between advisor and client. We've identified 4 key components to help build trust with clients to help set yourself up for success in navigating these crucial discussions.

In an independent study of American investors, we found these 4 components were cited most frequently as keystones to a great advisor-client relationship. Get the full download below.

Only 32% of Americans feel confident in their investment knowledge1

Backed by our independent research, the 4 Key Components of Building Client Trust guide breaks down what financial advisors need to bring to the table to help their clients feel more confident in their advice.

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