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How Proposals Help Meridian Credit Union Deliver On Its New Corporate Strategy


Get insights into the success of our partnership with Meridian, the second largest credit union in Canada and largest credit union in Ontario, including 3 key impact areas and metrics.


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The status quo is not an option

The Future of Wealth

The next generation of investors demands a new client experience. Learn how the future of wealth is changing and how you can keep up.




Get the full story to discover...

  • How Meridian Credit Union used CapIntel proposals to help deliver its new corporate strategy called "Meridian for Good"

  • The Member experience improvements made possible by a digital-first streamlined solution

  • How personalization helps build strong and genuine relationships with Meridian Members

  • What made memorable conversations easy for Meridian Credit Union's advisors

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Find out how Meridian Credit Union and leading wealth management firms are transforming their business with CapIntel.

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